LOVE ME / Jewels

Love Me is a 35-year-old Turkish brand that has created special and unique designs by combining precious stones with modern silver and steel molding techniques.

At the same time, it sells its products under the brand name of Trend London in the UK via the online channel to European countries.

Bringing an extraordinary breath to today's changing fashion trends and aesthetic concepts with its original design and modern technology, Love Me designs new and unique products by blending new fashion trends with the desire and taste of consumers in the hands of experienced design team.

Love Me design, product, the quality of customer service in the jewelry sector in Turkey and Europe, continues to bring innovations. Since it was established in Turkey to this day Love Me brand with quality and personalized products, continue to develop and improve the quality of service.



With the 35 years of experience in the industry, converting one of the most difficult processing and resistant material 316L steel (it certainly does not make allergy) to jewellery in Turkey, with the honor of being the first and only company capable of, we prepare a new wedding ring collection in which we believe all the couple can find their love and devotion that completes them well.

All the details from the initial design stage to the last box of our rings have been thought down to the finest detail for the needs and comfort of our happy couples and all these details will be sensed from the moment the ring is worn to the finger.

Make sure to review our products and choose your wedding ring that best describes you and your love.






As of 2019, our online channel (, which started to serve in the UK, started to sell LOVE ME products to all European countries.